How to Keep Bathrooms Safe for Seniors

How to Keep Bathrooms Safe for Seniors

Bathroom safety is one of our priorities as providers of assisted living services in Conroe, Texas. For the seniors whom we are caring for, we ensure that the bathrooms they use are equipped with safety devices.

Why do we highlight the bathroom and not other parts at home? Bathrooms are the riskiest areas in a house, leading to about 80% of falls each year. The most common patients are older adults age 65 and up.

There are many factors and causes of falls inside the bathrooms. For our aging loved ones, lack of balance often leads to these incidents. Then, there is also the slippery floor and other clutter that they can trip over. This is the reality that we seek to address and overcome as providers of senior care services in Texas.

With that, here are important recommendations to promote senior safety in bathrooms:

  • Install Safety Devices

    To ensure that our aging loved ones are safe when they use the bathrooms, install the following devices or items in place:

    • Grab Bars
      The elderly person can hold on to these bars whenever they get into the shower and leave out of it. When they have balance issues, the grab bars can help them stand steadily to prevent incidents of slips or falls.
    • Non-slip Mats
      Since the floors can be slippery in bathrooms, there should also be non-slippery mats on the floor. As they hold on to the grab bars for balance, they can also be more confident to move around when they are stepping on non-skid mats.
    • Bath Seats
      Your aging loved one is also safe when they use bath seats during shower time. When they are sitting down, they can better enjoy their shower without the fear of slipping or falling. Ensure that the bath seats are conducive to the specific safety needs of your loved one.
    • Hand-held Shower
      To help them feel safe as they sit on the bath seats, install hand-held showers in the bathrooms as well. Ensure that the shower handles are strong enough for their grasp so they can stay safe while they shower.
    • Toilet Seat Risers
      Seniors will also use the toilets in the bathrooms. If you can invest in toilet seat risers, you’re increasing the sense of safety for your senior loved one.
  • Ensure Bright Lighting
    It is also important that the bathroom is bright enough for your aging loved one to navigate. Since most seniors have vision challenges, bright lighting makes them feel confident to move around.
  • Walk Slowly
    Even when we have the devices in place, when they rush in using the bathrooms, the risks of falls remain high. Encourage them to just take their time so they can both be safe and have a great time bathing.

Are you thinking about another option of a safer abode for your loved one? For recommendations on healthy and safe living environments, call Above & Beyond Assisted Living.

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