How Exercises Benefit Seniors with Arthritis

How Exercises Benefit Seniors with Arthritis

Does your senior loved one have arthritis? This chronic condition can affect their quality of life. As the leading cause of disability in American adults, arthritis makes it difficult for our elderly loved ones to do the things they want to do.

Yet, it’s not all bad news for arthritis patients. They can still manage their arthritis so that they can pursue their hobbies, interests, and errands. As a provider of assisted living services in Conroe, Texas, we know how this can be possible. With the right help around them, arthritic patients can live quality lives.

An active lifestyle is an effective way to manage arthritis. Consider the following advantages that exercising brings:

  • Strengthens Joint Muscles
    The muscles surrounding the joints need to be strong so these can protect the joints from further pain. There are exercise routines that can focus on the joint muscles, so zero in on these.
  • Improves Bone Strength
    Exercises also increase the bone’s strength to reduce the impact upon the joints. It can be even more helpful to consult with licensed physical therapists that can assist you in these kinds of routines.
  • Increases Energy for the Day
    Having regular exercises helps the body produce more happy hormones. The person will be more energized for the day. In our assisted living facility, we also provide group exercise routines to further encourage your loved one to exercise.
  • Promotes Better Sleep
    Patients with arthritis can also benefit from having a good night’s rest. If they have an active lifestyle, they can sleep better each night.
  • Maintains Weight
    Seniors with arthritis need to maintain a healthy weight because obesity can trigger further joint pains. To get started, walking around the neighborhood for at least 30 minutes will do.
  • Improves Balance
    For seniors with arthritis, it can be easy to lose their balance, which results in injurious situations. When they exercise regularly, they will have a quicker response to impulses, which preserves their safety.
  • Boosts Quality Life
    As personal care providers, we put great emphasis on the achievement of quality life in the seniors we care for. We know that when they exercise every day, their health improves and they get to do the things they want to do.

Meanwhile, arthritic patients also need to observe precautionary measures so that exercising can rake in more benefits. These safety measures include the following:

  • Consult the doctor or physical therapist for appropriate exercise routines that improve their condition.
  • Start with low impact exercises and later on to intense workouts.
  • Exercise with a family member, friend, or provider of senior care services in Texas.
  • Stick to personal health goals to persevere in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to promoting the overall wellness of your senior loved ones, we’ve got your back! As you consider relocating your loved one to what they can consider as a second home, call us at Above & Beyond Assisted Living for assistance.

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