Services and Amenities Included With Monthly Rate

  • Rooms– Shared Rooms (max of 2 residents) and Private Rooms available
  • Common Areas- Dinning Room with piano, Sun Room and Living Room, Covered Patios, and Garden areas with walking paths
  • 24-hour staff supervision- 7 days a week, with awake staff during the night
  • Utilities- Telephone line, WiFi- Internet and Roku are included with basic room rate
  • Quality Medication Management–  Storage and administration by trained staff and overseen by R.N
  • Medication Packaging– Our facility utilizes top-tier pharmacy services at no cost to residents, that provide safe, convenient prepackaged medication for our residents. This service guarantees accurate, prefilled medications are given at the correct time and day, this includes prescription, over-the-counter, and vitamins.
  • Maintenance is provided for all necessary repairs of the facility and resident rooms, never worry about repairs or yard service again! (maintenance does not include personal belongings or electronics)
  • Family Webcam– each resident has a private camera in their room, families will get a secure login for their account and can view the room 24/7
  • Response System and Call Pendants– Alert staff immediately when a resident needs assistance
  • Security and Fire Protection-the facility is fully equipped with a security monitoring system around the community. Monitored fire alarm and sprinkler systems are in place and fire extinguishers are located all through the facility. Entry and exits are locked and have alarm alerting systems.
  • Direct Care/Home Health Services-We will assist and participate with any agency that is needed to help provide care to a resident