Ward Off Senior Depression This Month of Love

Ward Off Senior Depression This Month of Love

Seniors go through so many changes in their lives that they have become more vulnerable to loneliness and depression. According to surveys, more than 6.5 million Americans, aged 65 and older, suffer from depression.

Fortunately, helping them cope is possible, and this month of love provides a perfect opportunity for that. If your loved one lives alone or is getting assisted living services in Conroe, Texas, visiting them is a good way to let them know that they are not alone. According to studies, social interaction helps in boosting their mental and emotional health. Even something as simple as lending a listening ear can ward off their depressive mood.

You can also make the visit more meaningful by bringing healthy snacks. While chocolate is traditionally used during Valentine’s Day, healthy treats can be more beneficial for aging adults. Healthy meals are not only good for their physical health, but it’s good for their brain health, as well.

If your loved one is up for it, you can also consider going out. Visiting the mall, going to the salon, or simply walking around the neighborhood, can help seniors feel better. The change of environment can also break the monotony in their everyday life. Providing personal care can also help bring a sense of normalcy that is essential in letting them know that they are loved.

At Above & Beyond Assisted Living, we make sure that our residents’ needs are met with our specialized senior care services in Texas. Aside from our usual services, we also have birthday celebrations and annual holiday celebrations to help seniors socialize and ward off depression.

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