Tips: Keep Your Senior Loved One Safe at Home

Tips: Keep Your Senior Loved One Safe at Home

Senior safety is very essential, especially for your homebound seniors. Your aging loved ones can acquire agility and mobility issues that can put them at risk for falls. These are incidents that should be prevented as these can lead to serious injuries and even life-threatening consequences. Ensure that your loved ones have a companion at home. A provider of assisted living services in Conroe, Texas can be there for them when you’re not personally around to keep them company.

To help you out in ensuring their safety, here are important tips to remember:

  • Use the Correct Mobility Aid

    When your family members prefer to use mobility aids such as canes or walkers, always ensure that these are the right sizes for them. When they’re using the right device, they can walk better and safer.

  • Keep Furniture in Place

    Improperly positioned furniture at home can cause your loved ones to trip accidentally, which can result in unwanted falls. Ensure that you put this furniture in their proper position so there’s a wider and more accessible pathway at home. Our team providing senior care services in Texas can help you maintain sufficient housekeeping to keep your loved ones safe.

  • Get their Health Checked

    In some instances, falls can also be caused by dizziness or sudden weakness that seniors feel because of an undiagnosed illness. It’s very important for you as the family caregiver to ensure that your loved ones are in their best physical condition. While you cannot predict for any illness, you can spot symptoms early on when you know what to look for. Medical check-ups can equip you with this information.

  • Take Medications on Time

    When your aging loved ones have ailments that can put them at risk of falls, this can be identified during check-ups. Upon doctor’s prescription, it’s also equally important to ensure that their medications are taken on time. Let a personal care provider step in for you in ensuring that they have taken their meds as instructed.

  • Secure Rugs on the Floor

    Rugs can be slippery items at the floor when these are not securely taped. These are fall hazards to your senior loved ones who may not be agile enough to keep themselves steady. To prevent these incidences, ensure that you tape loose rugs on the floor.

How is your experience in assisting your aging loved ones at home? At Above & Beyond Assisted Living, we recognize that this fulfilling role can also be extra challenging especially when you’re still learning how to do it. When you think you need help in caring for your loved ones, don’t hesitate to seek for assistance. Our team is ready to assist, but you can also request your other family members and friends to assist you. Just ensure that you ask for the specific assistance that you need.

Would you like to know how our services can make your caregiving more manageable? Seek an appointment with us.

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