Is it Time to Update Your Loved One’s Care Plan?

Is it Time to Update Your Loved One’s Care Plan?

For our elderly loved ones who are receiving long-term care, their needs are addressed using a carefully evaluated care plan. This plan is created by their team of care providers to ensure that their specific needs are addressed. As we provide assisted living services in Conroe, Texas, we also abide by these care plans.

However, the plans need to be periodically reviewed to ascertain whether the care steps provided are still applicable for the patient or not. When do we know that it is already high time to update these plans? Here are key indicators:

  • Incontinence Changes
    As the years pass by, our elderly loved ones may have difficulty controlling their bladder and bowel movements. These can affect their health and wellbeing as wet skin caused by incontinence can lead to skin ulcers. When the incontinence issues have become more frequent, it signals the time to make changes in their care plan.
  • Skin Issues
    Our senior loved ones’ skin is becoming sensitive and fragile through the years. Their skin condition always needs to be evaluated and assessed so you will know if there’s an issue that needs treatment. When there are skin breakouts, for instance, they may need trained assistance from providers of senior care services in Texas.
  • Loss of Balance
    When seniors also experience instability as they stand and walk, it can be another indicator that their long-term care needs some adjustment. Becoming unsteady can lead to falls, which also results to injuries and disabilities. With these physical changes, your loved one will need more diligent monitoring and supervision.
  • Appetite Changes
    Seniors can also have appetite changes that can be characterized with increased hunger or appetite loss. These changes can affect their physical health as their nutritional needs may not be met. When they are showing signs of appetite changes, they will need other forms of assistance especially in ensuring that they have eaten well and on time.
  • Cognitive Decline
    A decline in their cognitive abilities can also happen to seniors. When this occurs, they may find it difficult to manage their own personal care. In these instances, they will be in need of other people who can ensure that their basic care needs are met especially when their cognitive decline progresses in time.
  • Sleep Changes
    Our aging loved ones can also go through sleep difficulties and other changes. They may sleep more or sleep less. Both conditions are not ideal for their wellbeing and when these happen, it means that their care plan should be changed.

At Above & Beyond Assisted Living, we provide quality care and supervision to your loved one who needs our kind of care. When they are with us, we can help ensure that their care plans are followed, and when changes occur, adjustments to the plans will also be implemented. Our well-trained team is ready to help you address these needs so that your loved one’s quality life is preserved.

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