Is it Time to Move Your Loved One to Assisted Living?

Is it Time to Move Your Loved One to Assisted Living?

A time will come when we need to weigh the options about the care needs of our senior loved ones. Should we relocate them to a home that provides assisted living services in Conroe, Texas? More importantly, how do we know that it is the best time to make the move?

Care professionals are supervising assisted living centers. They are licensed care providers and managers who are both skilled and compassionate. As family members, it will give us peace of mind to know that our loved ones are in the hands of professionals.

To help you decide whether assisted living is right for your loved one, here are signs you should watch out for:

  • Your aging family member was diagnosed with a chronic illness that is getting worse.
    Chronic diseases are part of the aging process. For some seniors, however, their conditions can be very complex. They may even need round-the-clock monitoring. This is the kind of monitoring that assisted living providers can extend. So when you observe worsening complications, it will be practical to consider getting help. Providers of senior care services in Texas can give you this help.
  • Your aging family member is mostly alone at home.
    If they are not staying with any family member, living by themselves can indeed be risky. They will be prone to isolation, and this is not healthy for their mental wellbeing. Furthermore, no one can also come to their aid if ever falls happen. This is an even riskier scenario. So when they are frequently isolated, consider moving them to an assisted living home.
  • Your aging loved one’s home has a lot of clutter and mess around.
    When you visit them and observe this scenario, you can deduce that they have mobility issues. Such issues keep them from maintaining the house. Along with that, clutters can also be hazards. When you see an abode that could use some tidying, plan on referring them to assisted living care.
  • Your aging family member struggles with hygiene.
    Another sign that your loved one needs relocating is their attention to personal care. When was the last time they have taken a bath? Have they combed their hair? Have they changed their clothes? If your aging loved one is not able to care for themselves, they can be prone to illness. It may be the right time to transfer them to assisted living where they can receive proper personal care and attention.

Final thoughts:
When you’re considering moving your loved one to an assisted living home, remember to decide along with them. Letting them decide with you can make the move follow a smooth transition. If you want to learn about how assisted living can best serve your loved one, inquire from us at Above & Beyond Assisted Living. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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