Assisted Living: The Answer to Loneliness

Assisted Living: The Answer to Loneliness

Growing old can take its toll on a person physically and emotionally. Physical problems and mobility issues bring about other challenges such as loneliness and isolation. This is what happens when people are stuck at home and no longer able to go out and spend time with family with friends. Above & Beyond Assisted Living offers assisted living services in Conroe, Texas, and is well aware of this issue plaguing the elderly segment of the population.

If a loved one of yours is suffering from loneliness, don’t hesitate to work with us today. Here are the many ways being a resident in an assisted living facility can help seniors conquer loneliness and improve their lives:

  • An opportunity to socialize.
    When you’re old, you don’t have as many opportunities to catch up with friends or build connections with other people. An assisted living facility can change this by giving you opportunities to not only be around other residents, but to spend time with them as well. You can talk, bond, and have fun with your peers and care providers, participating in cognitively-stimulating games that keep the mind sharp and alert.
  • Assistance with daily living activities.
    Assisted living residences are known for being exceptional providers of personal care. Care attendants will see to it that residents are given support and assistance with their daily living activities and self-care tasks. Bathing, dressing, and grooming on their own can be dangerous for seniors who have health problems. The professionals at these facilities ensure that your loved ones won’t have to do them unsupervised anymore.
  • Support and encouragement.
    An assisted living home not only delivers physical care and assistance, but emotional support as well. Care providers encourage residents to do things they’ve never done before. At the same time, care providers make sure they are safe and comfortable doing it. For those who have functional limitations, they will be taught modified ways to engage in their normal daily routines.
  • Experiences that make the heart full.
    An assisted living facility will strive to make a resident’s heart full. These establishments aim to not only address challenges concerning a person’s physical health, but issues regarding the mental, emotional, and
    spiritual health as well. Before seniors move to a residential facility, they are often broken or on the verge of being broken by their situation. The facility aims to make residents whole again.

Loneliness can manifest into worse problems when ignored or not addressed properly. Seniors, who are especially vulnerable to issues such as isolation and depression, need to surround themselves with people who will stop at nothing to ensure their well-being. It is perfectly understandable for family members to not be there all the time; you have your own lives to live too. One way to address these issues is to work with an assisted living facility that can give your loved one the company and socialization they require.

Why do you think assisted living is the answer to loneliness? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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