5 Simple Tips to Get a Senior Walking

5 Simple Tips to Get a Senior Walking

Walking is a good way to keep a senior healthy. Seniors who walk for at least half an hour regularly can increase their cardiovascular fitness and reduce excess body fats. It can also help boost muscle power and improves endurance. Walking provides health benefits that seniors will appreciate as they age.

As a provider of assisted living services in Conroe, Texas, we encourage seniors to go on a walk daily. This is the easiest and safest exercise they can do to stay active. To get a senior walking, here are tips to follow:

  1. Encourage them to join a walking program.
    A walking program can be a one-on-one class with a coach. The coach will be in charge of encouraging the senior to walk. Moreover, the coach will be the one to plan the senior’s walking schedule. Enlisting a senior into this program ensures that they get the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy.
  2. Find a walking buddy.
    One of the reasons why a senior doesn’t like to walk around is perhaps because they feel bored doing it alone. Although it is peaceful to walk and watch the scenery alone, there are times when it can get lonely too. Thus, finding a walking buddy can increase their enthusiasm for this activity. A walking buddy can be a family member or a caregiver providing senior care services in Texas.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes.
    Walking for half an hour can already cover a considerable distance. This is especially so if the senior is brisk-walking. If the senior walks too far, their feet may start to hurt. This is a common scenario when they are not wearing a pair of shoes that are suitable for walking. You’ll have to invest in walking shoes for seniors so they can walk around with comfort.
  4. It is okay to use a walker or cane while walking.
    Not all seniors can walk around without using assistive devices. Assistive devices are tools that help people stay balanced when walking. These include walkers and canes. If the senior needs a cane or a walker, let them bring these devices. Their pace may be slower but they need this exercise to stay healthy so walking with canes should not be a problem.
  5. Walk with the right pace.
    For seniors, it is common to walk at a much slower speed than others. Don’t badger them to quicken their pace. It is okay for them to walk at their own pace. However, it is still preferable if they can walk at a vigorous level. If they can brisk-walk, that’s preferable too. This way, the senior can get the most out of this particular exercise.

Above & Beyond Assisted Living, a provider of personal care services, is here to encourage seniors to start walking. They need to stay fit as they age. Do you have questions about aging, senior care, or assisted living? Let us know!

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